Centerpiece of a smart city

Symbiotic Installation

In addition to the very simple setup, the cost efficiency (no ground work needed) and the flexibility, ebee charge sports are characterized by standards. We are able to adapt to technical interface and software standards, the authorization works with APP, RFID, NFC and by using a electronic meter that supports trusted cryptography, the charged electricity can be legally sold.

Characteristic features

  • authorization via RFID (Mifare Classic, Desfire EV 2 and other 13.56 MHz RFID standards)
  • authorization with the backend system by means of a mobile app or SMS (remote start)
  • charge point can optionally be configured to allow unauthorized free charging by anyone
  • key feature is the ability for controlled and grid balanced charging (support OCPP 1.5)
  • tested with the leading OCPP backend systems like Bosch Software Innovations, Vattenfall, Driivz and others electronic meter with cryptography
  • Unique Design

    Our unique streetlight charging station for electric vehicles is handcrafted in Germany from durable high quality materials.  Inoxidable steel and nylon along with modular frame basis allow us to have clean and efficient design. All components are completely dividable and easy to disassemble into raw materials, therefore ready for recycling if needed. All mechanical parts have been chosen and tested for a long lasting life and convenient use.

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